3D Bond+™ & Augma Shield™ Surgical Protocols: Socket Grafting without Flap Reflection

Socket Grafting without Flap Reflection : Surgical Protocols

  1. No need to raise a flap.
  2. After extraction and complete debridement, activate and place the 3D Bond+™ into the socket.
  3. Place a dry, unfolded gauze above the cement and press firmly for 3 seconds, first with a finger and then with a periosteal elevator.
  4. Protect the exposed cement with Augma Shield™.
  5. Suture and secure Augma Shield™ in place with a cross stitch suture.

Expert Tips:

  • The cement should be well compacted in the cervical zone, though filling the apex zone is not crucial.
  • During the initial stage of healing, 3D Bond+™ should not be left exposed.
  • If Augma Shield™ is not available in your country a simple collagen sponge or plug can be used instead.

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